“If what’s yours is yours then missed opportunities are as real as the boogeyman.

Stop replaying what you should have done and forge ahead.”

Excerpt from — Eh! Edibles? : An autobiographical collection of short essays by Ganizani Khumalo

“There she was dwelling on earth in close relationship with a human, together they are a dynamic duo that’s simply other worldly”

You go out looking for one thing and find something better

A hundred folds greater than your initial mission.

Baby tells the best stories,I’m always in awe

of her and

The intricate details, step ups and amazing world building and the pay off

…on going

Meanwhile… I’m blessed to be here with you on the rooftop of the castle

Accidentally or by design as I seek divination and immortality I know I ‘ll always have you by my side and that’s just the way it’s going to always be.

I love you so much,

Happy Birthday Baby

I’ve been afraid, I’ve been half assing it damn near all my life

That’s my bail; I wasn’t really trying.

Look how far I got barely trying, it’s a safe place.

That’s not me anymore

That’s not what I want

I want to always do my best and I want to find out how far my best can get me.

Bail allocation will be used on drugs and snacks

Have you seen my childhood?

Micheal Jackson deep cut

VHS Tape and a meal called Sixteen

Burnt sugar “tea”

Vague memories of play circle and a news story about an actor getting burnt filming a skit

The Kabanana kidnapping story line

The original Matongo ahead of his time

Calling it Predator instead of Predator

Antonio Lombardo, Frank Dux and Rambo those were the times

St Michael’s Gun culture music video gave me nightmares

Bambi gave me nightmares

Hammer House of Horror gave me nightmares then inspired me

You can’t go back, is that the nightmare?You can’t go back, is that the nightmare?

I’ve been struggling with coming up with promotional material, I had the designs all lined up but I’m not how the french and cool kids say “feeling them”.

Anyway; FORCE OF HABIT by Paris Taxas was on repeat during my morning run, I spent the rest day playing their BOY ANONYMOUS album which I absolutely love.

The Inspiration